Location: Ialissos, Rodos, Grecja

I for Ialissos

'Ialysos (Greek: Ιαλυσός, before 1976: Τριάντα Trianta) is a town and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is part of the municipality Rhodes, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 16,7 km2. It is the second-largest town on the island of Rhodes. It has a population of approximately 11,300, and is located eight kilometres west of the town of Rhodes, the island's capital, on the island's northwestern coast.
Near Ialysos there is an excellent vantage point, which in the 13th century was named Filerimos, Philerēmos (from the classical Greek philos φίλος 'friend' and erēmos ἐρῆμος 'lonely'), which means 'friend of loneliness'. Wikipedia
We visited the centre of the town during our holidays in May. It wasn't very busy. I'd say rather empty, but we liked it very much.
'Ialysos (greckie: Ιαλυσός, przed 1976 r .: Τριάντα Trianta) to miasto i dawna gmina na wyspie Rodos w Dodekanezu w Grecji. Od czasu reformy samorządu z 2011 roku jest częścią gminy Rodos, której jest jednostką miejską. Jednostka miejska ma powierzchnię 16,7 km2. Jest to drugie co do wielkości miasto na wyspie Rodos. Ma populację około 11 300 i znajduje się osiem kilometrów (5,0 mil) na zachód od miasta Rodos, stolicy wyspy, na północno-zachodnim wybrzeżu wyspy.
Nieopodal Jalisos znajduje się doskonały punkt widokowy, który w XIII wieku otrzymał nazwę Filerimos, Philerēmos (z klasycznego greckiego philos φίλος 'przyjaciel' i erēmos ἐρῆμος 'samotny'), co znaczy "przyjaciel samotności".' Wikipedia
Odwiedziliśmy centrum miasteczka podczas wakacji w maju. Nie było zbyt ruchliwe. Powiedziałabym raczej opustoszałe, ale bardzo nam się to podobało.
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  2. Nice on the "I" word that I could not pronounce. Rhodes will be easy for me to say. We also visited there, way back in 1980, only staying for one day. It was Sunday and a lot of the tourist traps were closed. Even more because there was a political riot the night before and things were still messed up. Cars overturned and/or burned, etc. The streets were decorated with real cannon balls on each side, the rioters had sent them rolling down the streets from up hill. We've been to Greece twice, the last was in 1913. It is a pretty country, both Athens and the monasteries up on the steep mountains made for nice visiting.
    I am sorry I'm so late. Been with Mrs. Jim and her sister who had a bad stroke. 
    Have a nice week, see you next.

    1. Advertising posts like the one posting second here mess things up. Never, never click on their links, you might get computer virus. Blogger settings will prohibit them from comments. For mine they have to have a Blogger or google account. If the have one of those google will revoke it if they bother you.

    2. Not 1913 but rather 2013 for our last visit to Greece.

    3. Thank you, Jim. I have to remove this kind of comments. I can see more of them on my blog.