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Location: Lotnisko Bagicz k. Kołobrzegu, Polska
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On Sunday, September 26, the Pumpkin Garden Party was held at the Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens. As always, the hosts rose to the occasion and the fun was great.

Younger children took part in pumpkin art and movement games. The older ones ran in the Pumpkin Run (a relay race where a pumpkin is passed instead of a stick). The special committee was weighing pumpkins and there was pumpkins drilling competition. Participants used either spoons or hands. In the background of all the party, the cooks cooked pumpkin soup, and at the stands, sellers offered products: preserves, jams, pickles and many other delicacies, not only pumpkin ones. The star of the event presented herself in various varieties, which guests bought for home autumn decorations and for cooking. The main gardener, Anna Kanios-Osman (aka Prymula), talked about ecological cultivation in Hortulus, and advised the audience on taking care of home vegetable gardens. Competitors in the Wonder Pumpkin Contest brought their own decorated pumpkins, and the jury assessed the ideas. Florists from Koszalin made pumpkin-flower arrangements that we admired during the day. The Pumpkin Rally lasted all day, in which the teams found puzzles in the garden. The answers to the riddles were the ingredients of the pumpkin soup. It was not easy.

Phew ...The Pumpkin Garden Party was full of excitement.

Location: Hortulus Spectabilis, Dobrzyca, Polska
Location: Dźwirzyno, Polska


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