Mini elektrowaste stations

Our council bought fourteen stations for mini electrowaste . So far, we had had one or two places to leave batteries, there was a problem with CDs or toners. Not any more. It cost more then 275.000 PLN, but now we can bring batteries, CDs, bulbs, phones, chargers, remotes, toners to mini electrowaste stations. Few of them in the pictures.
Ratusz kupił czternaście stacji dla mini elektroodpadów. Dotychczas, mieliśmy jedno albo dwa miejsca, by przynieść stare baterie, ale wciąż pozostawał problem z płytami CD lub tonerami. JUż dłużej nie mamy tego problemu. Kosztowało to ponad 275.000 złotych, ale teraz możemy przynieść baterie, płyty CD, żarówki, telefony, ładowarki, piloty, tonery do stacji mini elektroodpadów.
Kilka z nich na zdjęciach.

Solna St.
Ulica Solna.
Norwida St.
Ulica Norwida.
Szarych Szeregów St.
Ulica Szarych Szeregów.
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  1. What handy places to bring electrowaste, and they are attractive, too.

    Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. Old devices can be brought into shops for e-recycling here, and each library branch takes old batteries for disposal. I like the look of these.

  3. This is so great! I wish we had stations like this near my home. We do recycle, but not all items are accepted.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features my snowshoeing adventure.

  4. Love it! Every town should have one of these stations.

  5. Those are pretty cool....I don't recall seeing anything like that in the states!

  6. That is, what we need! I've always to much stuff in my backpack, old batteries and more, until I find a place to leave that...
    Have a nice weekend, thanks for joining