Location: Kołobrzeg, Polska

Orszak Trzech Króli

Three Kings' Day (Epiphany) is a Christian feast which is celebrated on 6th January. This day in many cities in Poland there are Parades of Three Kings. In Kolobrzeg it was the first time.
Święto Trzech Króli (Epifania, Objawienie Pańskie) obchodzimy 6 stycznia. Tego dnia w wielu miejscach w Polsce odbywają się Orszaki Trzech Króli. W Kołobrzegu stało się to po raz pierwszy.
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  1. ...for most here, this isn't as important as December 25th. The Amish celebrate 'Old Christmas' on the Epiphany.

  2. Epiphany only seems to be marked in churches here.

  3. That looks like a great parade.

  4. Kołobrzeg to urokliwe miasto :)
    Tęsknię za wypoczynkiem nad morzem

  5. How festive, especially with the color blue!

  6. What a marvellous collection of photos of this wonderful holiday tradition, Klara! I love all the people shots and chose one of your photos to feature in this week's "My Sunday Best" post.
    Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme. The theme for this week is "Public Transport"