Location: Kołobrzeg, Polska

Silver Christmas Tree

Last year after Christmas, I removed the needles from the Christmas tree and left it all year round for the tree to dry. This year, I sprayed the tree with silver colour and added blue lights. And then I had a lot of fun photographing my "cold" Christmas tree.


W zeszłym roku po Bożym Narodzeniu usunęłam igły z choinki i zostawiłam ją przez cały rok, żeby drzewko zasuszyło się. W tym roku pokolorowałam drzewko sprayem na kolor srebrny i dodałam niebieski lampki. A później dobrze się bawiłam fotografując moją 'zimną' choinkę.


  1. It's amazing how they look so close up good captures :-)

    Have a branchtastic safe week 😷😷😷

  2. It never would have occurred to me to try something like that. Interesting, and nice close-ups. I'd love to see a shot of the whole thing though. :)

  3. Its beautiful. And the tree are happy also in this time.

  4. What a great idea. I would love to see the whole tree. Merry Christmas.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. You got some very interesting images.

  6. Your silver tree and photographs are amazing. You're being featured on the Little Cottage Link Party today.