Location: Szlak nad Morze, Kołobrzeg, Polska

Szlak Nad Morze ************* The Trail to the Sea

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The Szlak Nad Morze (the Trail to the Sea) is one of the newest in the commune and starts on the commune's border, near Błotnica. But first, we have to get there. This time we start nearby the Kamienny Szaniec. With it behind our back, we ride towards the city. At the Solidarności roundabout, turn right, and then cross the street at the traffic lights. There is no cycling route for about 100 metres. However, if you arrive in the morning, you will pass without the crowds to Kamienna Street, where we turn left to the bicycle route. Go straight ahead to the bridge where there is no cycle path. Here it is better to get off the bike, because it is narrow, and in 100 meters there are roundabouts waiting for us. At the first of them, near Kaufland, a bicycle route will appear again, and at the second roundabout, we turn left into Trzebiatowska Street.

After about two kilometres, we pass the Municipal Cemetery on the right, and then we cross the street near the Miejski Zakład Zieleni, Dróg i Ochrony Środowiska (the Municipal Green Plant, Roads and Environmental Protection).

We go straight along road 102. At the beginning of the village of Zieleniewo, at Hetmańska Street, there is bike2door bike service.

At some point in Zieleniewo, the bicycle route ends, but only for a short time. We pass the Dziki Zachód Park Rozrywki Zieleniewo (the Wild West Zieleniewo Amusement Park). I highly recommend this place for kids and parents. Great fun.

Then we cross the road 102. Be careful, especially if you have a trailer and a child with you (the traffic island is narrow and the route is busy).

We cross a small bridge. Underneath it, the Stróżka flows, which is a watercourse connecting the Błotnica River with the Parsęta River. The route turns right along with arable fields. On the left, there is a concrete factory. Not far behind the factory, on the right, we will see a beautiful property surrounded by an iron fence and an alley of trees leading to the house. There is a fork here, turn right there. I am starting the Szlak Nad Morze (the Trail to the Sea) here. Alternatively, you can continue along route 102, cross it, and turn back from the commune border. I don't know if it makes sense. the difference is around one kilometre.

Ok, we turn off at the fork and head towards Przećmino along a road paved with concrete slabs.

We reach the intersection in Przećmino and turn right there.

We reach the fields, and then a small forest ... 

... after which we will see the church in Korzystno. The bicycle route is too well marked here. On the straight section to the church, I counted seven vertical marks, and only on one side. Look at the photo.

At the church, we go straight into Truskawkowa Street. There is no bicycle route here and we have to follow the road. It's not busy this time of year, but you have to be careful. And it can be packed in summer. After all, it is the road leading to the popular seaside village of Grzybowo. Although some people would prefer agritourism to crowded beaches... We pass the agrotourism farm Boroniówka on the right.

Then a sharp turn to the left and we are already in Grzybowo. We turn right into a forest path. Here you can stop by the shelter and rest. Or not. As you prefer. 

We reach Kołobrzeska Street, where we cross to the other side. Continue straight on to Nadmorska Street, then left and first right. This is Plażowa Street, at the end of which there is a descent to the beach and an observation deck. This is where the Szlak Nad Morze (the Trail to the Sea) ends. 

After resting on the beach, I returned to Kołobrzeg along the charming Route R-10, running through the western district, a fishing port, a yacht port, a port bridge and a seaside park, but this is a topic for another post.

Szlak Nad Morze (the Trail to the Sea) is around 10 km (the first map), but my today route was 25 km (the second map).


  1. Quite a distance, with the bike (which I assume, you went biking?) Many thanks for taking us at All Seasons on tour with you, and even giving us a map:) It's so great to see the landscape has changed so drastic after the communistic era. Everything is full of color! The weather must still be nice at the beach:)Have a fun week!

  2. A nice trip, nicely captured. Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/11/a-letter-found-at-world-war-ii-memorial.html

  3. I enjoyed that again thanks for the tour Klara :-)

    Have a tourtastic safe week 😷😷😷

  4. Hello,

    Your bicycle ride looks wonderful, many beautiful sights to see along the way. Beautiful photos.
    Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. Looks like a beautiful day for your ride. I admire those who do the biking. Where I live, the bikers usually pass by my house when they're doing a route. So interesting to see on the map the latest ride. So glad you shared so that I could go virtually along with your. Thanks.

  6. What a wonderful excursion that must have been, Klara! I enjoyed it with the help of your text and photos, even if only virtually.
    Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.

  7. Ilość wspaniałych tras nad morzem jest naprawdę nieograniczona! Jeśli chcecie korzystać z nadmorskich uroków na co dzień- nieruchomości nad morzem to idealne rozwiązanie!