Location: Góra Chełmska, Koszalin, Poland

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 'Chełmska Hill is one of the three 'holy mounts' in the Middle Pomerania, the highest rise of which, Krzyżanka (137m above sea level), has a long tradition of Christian pilgrimages venue. The hill was inhabited, as of the early medieval era, by Slavic Pomeranians. Duke Bogusław II entrusted in 1214 'the village of Koszalin at the foot of Chełmska Hill' to the Norbertine Abbey located in Białoboki near Trzebiatów. The chapel erected at Chełmska Hill was used by the inhabitants as a parish church until Koszalin got its township status in 1266. In 1278 the chapel was assigned to the Cistercian Nuns Abbey, The Chełmska Hill sanctuary became in the 14th and 15th centuries the St. Mary's cult place famous for numerous privileges granted to it by bishops and the Pope being the destination point of pilgrimages from many European countries. An extensive cemetery was established around the temple. 

The Pomeranian rulers succumbed to Reformation in 1534, which resulted, in the subsequent years, in sanctuary demolition and memory of the place perished. Efforts of Bishop Ignacy Jeż acting on behalf of the Koszalin and Kołobrzeg diocese resulted, in 1990, in Church coming back to this place. The Schoenstadt Institute of St. Mary's Sisters took care of the new sanctuary of the Thrice Admirable Mother of God, which was consecrated on 1 June 1991 by the Holy Father John Paul II. 

There is a view tower at the hilltop; it was constructed in 1888 and it features the height of 31,5m. A panorama of Koszalin can be seen therefrom. The tower has been entered in the historical monuments register on 30 December 1992 under number 1235 (A-765).

A hostel for tourists is located nearby tower and the entire hill massif is covered with numerous tourist trails.' Table at the Chełmska Hill

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  1. The tiny chapel in Schönstatt near Koblenz (Germany) is a special place. I admired the miraculous painting of the Mother of God.
    Thank you very much for bringing back my memories with these photos.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  2. Fascinating! I didn't know that Poland went through a reformation.

  3. i must say i am shocked to see such beauty. i would never guess by such a different look on the outside. thank you for sharing with us. hope u r well ... i finally have a church to share and i am back ... Beth from VA. i hope Sally will return soon with another church. so funny that the hosts need to show up every once in a while don't we??! u have a great week. ( :

  4. Great reflection shot of the view tower - nice work. And love the one with the statue too.

  5. What a history! Going through so many time periods and still standing, it means it is not just a building, but there is a community of believers behind it. Many thanks for showing it to All Seasons - also the tower and the statue - significant details. Yay, you were first this week:) Have a happy one:) Jesh

  6. A beautiful church that just invites introspection and earnest prayer, Klara.
    Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.