Location: Bulwar Jana Szymańskiego, Kołobrzeg, Polska

End of March sunset

Instead of admiring incredible sunset we #stayathome .... Luckily I was coming back from work, so I could see it.
Zamiast podziwiać niezwykły zachód słońca #zostajemywdomu... Na szczęście ja wracałam z pracy, więc mogłam go zobaczyć.
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  1. These are gorgeous scenes and something to be thankful for! I appreciate you linking up and stay well!

  2. March is my birthday month and it was also my mom's. Kind of hard to celebrate right now. Mom passed seven years ago. If she was still here with my I would be so worried right now. - Margy

  3. Klara, it's very hard for me to choose so I won't I'll just say these sunset shots are gorgeous! Alright, I think the one with the polish flag looks dramatic and serene. But all gorgeous!

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  4. Omg incredible sunset shots �� love them all

  5. Hello, these are all gorgeous sky captures! Well done! Stay safe, healthy and happy. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Beautiful skies. Hard to pick a favorite, but may be #4. I like the couple strolling on the beach and the light reflected off the water. Have a healthy and safe weekend!