Throwback Thursday No.1

We watched the Supemoon a few days ago, so as a first Throwback Thursday, I will show some pictures from the night of Total Lunar Eclipse of Supermoon. 27/28 Sep 2015.

19:47 still in its regular shape.
I woke up around 3 a.m. It had already started! I ate a very early breakfast and took a Twix bar with me.

4:42 Me and my friend decided to go to the marina.
Just a quick explanation. The Supermoon phenomenon occurs when the Moon is in full phase and at the same time it is in the closest approach from its orbit to Earth. Earthmen observe the Moon as a very large object in the sky. A Lunar Eclipse on the other hand is when the Moon enters  the shadow cast by the Earth and since our planet is between  the Moon and the Sun it obstructs the Moon wholy.

6:06 and it's reverting back to normal ;)
6:44 the view from my window
The last Total Lunar Eclipse of the Supermoon was in 1982, the next one we won't experience until 2033.

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