Location: Plaża Centralna, Kołobrzeg, Polska

During the pandemia

From today our government is introducing further restrictions. The number of infected with COVID-19 in Poland is still growing, so we must stay at home. We can only go out in justified cases: to the store, to the doctor, to work. 
Od dzisiaj nasz rząd wprowadza kolejne ograniczenia w poruszaniu się. Liczba zarażonych wirusem COVID-19 w Polsce wciąż rośnie, a zatem musimy pozostać w domach. Możemy wyjść tylko w uzasadnionych przypadkach: do sklepu, do lekarza, do pracy.

Today I took a few pictures on the beach, the pier and the promenade. They suppose to be full of people at this time of the year...
Dzisiaj sfotografowałam plaże, molo i promenadę, które powinny być pełne ludzi o tej porze roku... 
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  1. Beautiful scenery photos. Yes, sad the beach is so empty. We have the same here in Ohio USA where I live. I take my furbaby Razzy for a walk today because finally some sunshine and bit warmer. It has been so rainy. Stay well.

  2. Take care Klara.

    We are in a similar situation here. complete lockdown, only work from home, and no taking walks either except walking the dogs.

    Your series makes me smile in these trying times. Well the earth is healing and so are we and there is hope.

    God speed.


  3. These are beautiful photos, you captured great moments!
    Greeting Elke

  4. Very beautiful photos and I'm so glad you took a walk to click these and shared them with us.
    Let us do out bit and help ourselves and the administration by staying home and staying safe.

    Praying for the world!
    Best wishes,