Location: Kołobrzeg, Polska

6. Kulinarny Festiwal Kwiatów Jadalnych za nami. Trwał dwa dni (17-18 lipca 2021r.) i odbył się pod tytułem 'Ziołowe Kwiaty - Magiczne Przyprawy'.  Odbyły się pokazy sztuki kulinarnej oraz carvingu. Specjaliści prowadzili prelekcje na temat kwiatów jadalnych, ziół, kosmetyków naturalnych, ogrodnictwa, zakładania ogrodów warzywno-ziołowych. Do konkursów florystycznych przystąpili kursanci Policealnej Szkoły Cosinus Plus oraz Policealnej Szkoły Żak. Jak co roku dużym zainteresowaniem cieszyły się zajęcia z plecenia wianków. Ponadto jedzenie na stoiskach wystawców 'Polska Smakuje' rozpieszczało podniebienia.  


The 6th Culinary Festival of Edible Flowers is behind us. It lasted two days (July 17-18, 2021) and it was held under the title 'Herbal Flowers - Magic Spices'. Culinary art and carving shows took place. Specialists gave lectures on edible flowers, herbs, natural cosmetics, gardening, and planting vegetables and herbs. The students of the Cosinus Plus Post-Secondary School and the Żak Post-Secondary School entered the floristic competitions. As every year, the wreath-weaving classes were very popular. In addition, the food at the stands of the exhibitors 'Polska Tastes' spoiled the palate.

Location: Hortulus Spectabilis, Dobrzyca, Polska
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Ierapetra is a small town located on the south side of the Greek island of Crete. It is separated from Africa by a distance of 300 km in a straight line. For this reason,  Ierapetra is called the 'bride of the Libyan Sea'.

It is worth getting a map, which you will get for free in many places in the city. We got it at a nearby grocery store. We left the hotel along the promenade towards the Old Town. Located right by the sea and part of the restaurant and cafe 'trail'. The shore is partly made of stones, and the tables and chairs are right next to the sea.

Halfway from our Hotel Petra Mare is the first ferry terminal to Chrissi Island and you will see the police building right outside.
Behind it you will enter Konoupaki Square. Shops and restaurants welcome passersby here.
We got to the Venetian fortress Kales. I must admit that it makes a bigger impression from a distance. Up close, however, it is a compact, square shape. In addition, we did not go inside because it was under renovation. It was built by the Venetians in the 13th century, although local legend says that it was the Genoese pirate Peskatore who built the fortress. Kales stands at the entrance to the port and reminds of the rich history of sailing in this city. There is a yacht marina right next to it
Kato Mera, or Old Town, are small, narrow streets and houses built in various styles. Moving between them, I often had the impression that I was in someone's backyard.
I like to see churches and there are several of them in Ierapetra:
There is also an Ottoman 'Tzami' mosque and a fountain, built in the late 19th century.
It took us a while to find 'Napoleon's house', but the kind saleswoman explained to us exactly where to go. There is no plaque on the building, so take a look at the photo :)
In practical terms, as I mentioned, the police building is located near the port. The hospital, on the other hand, is located in the city center, with a 24-hour pharmacy opposite. Ierapetra is small, but a good base for exploring the southern part of Crete.

Location: Ierapetra, Kreta, Grecja