Throwback Thursday No.3

On Sunday I posted some photos of the stormy sea. Now, I’d like to bring back memories of a real hurricane, which striked Europe in 2013. Its name was Xavier...
Xavier destroyed my plans. The wind was blowing through northern Europe, and finally it came to Germany and Poland, and was the main reason why I cancelled a trip to Berlin for Christmas market.
Xavier aka Bodil (in Denmark) aka Sven (in Sweden) caused massive havoc and took several lifes. It eventually reached UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Isle of Man and Norway. In Poland the hurricane blew at 100km/h, but in other countries it was 200km/h.
One late Sunday afternoon we decided to leave our warm and cosy flat to see, how Xavier plays with the Baltic Sea. We weren't the only ones. In spite of the alerts, it turned out that during the low season, Xavier was quite an attraction.  We were lucky to actually be able to go on the pier. After our short stroll, the police came and tourists and locals who hungered to see the hurricane had to admire it from the beach.

I have to be honest here. One of my first thoughts was that the pier will have to go under major renovation. Finally! FYI: It was done in 2015/2016.
In our county, the firemen had their hands full and not only on the shore. The hurricane was accompanied by heavy snow and hail.
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  1. Gorgeous storm pics. Especially the waves!

  2. Thank you. Waves are always the best, especially the big ones.

  3. Dziękuję, uwielbiam sztormy, chociaż nie zawsze sprzyjają spacerom.