Location: Gościno, Polska

Trasa rowerowa Kołobrzeg - Gościno ********** Bike path Kołobrzeg - Gościno

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You start the bicycle route to Gościno at Plac Ratuszowy. It leads through Zieleniewo and Charzyno, so you can find a description of this part of the trail here.

When you go through the Charzyno forest, just go straight all the time. There are fields on both sides until you reach the road 162 and the village of Ząbrowo.

'Attention. End of cycle path. The section to Gościno is accessible on foot via the provincial road 162.'
Turn right and go to the other side along the lanes. You continue here by bike. Near the village of Jarogniew, there are shelters where you can relax and read about wind farms and the fauna and flora of Gościno.
You go further to cross the provincial road 162 again.
You enter the area of charming ponds and houses.
You also come across the Jeziorki fishery, hidden behind the big trees at this time of the year.
In Gościno, you pass the dairy on the right, go to the left side of the road162 at the roundabout, and continue straight to the cemetery, which will be on the left. Next to the little chapel, there is the old cemetery and the German lapidarium. On the right side of the Mickiewicza Street there is a newer municiapal cemetery. You'll also see the church of St. Andrzej Bobola from here.
The route Kołobrzeg, Town Hall Square to Gościno, the cemetery is 19.8 km long.


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