Location: Charzyno, Poland

Trasa rowerowa Kołobrzeg-Charzyno ************* Bike path Kołobrzeg to Charzyno

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The weather in September was good. I decided to go by bike to Charzyno. Start Town Hall Square, Kołobrzeg. We head towards the Parsęta River. The cycling and walking route starts behind the Casablanca restaurant. By the river, we turn left and then right and cross the river. There is a bit of a cycle route missing here, so you can either walk or take the road to the roundabout. From the roundabout, we have a bicycle route again. At the second roundabout, turn left into Trzebiatowska Street (road 102 towards Międzyzdroje).

Go straight ahead until we pass the Municipal Cemetery on the right. You have to go to the other side of the street, near the Miejski Zakład Zieleni, Dróg i Ochrony Środowiska.
We keep going straight along road 102. At the beginning of the village of Zieleniewo, on Hetmańska Street, there is a bicycle service bike2door .
At some point in Zieleniewo, the bicycle route ends, but only for a short time. We pass on the right. Dziki Zachód Park Rozrywki Zieleniewo (the Wild West Zieleniewo Amusement Park). I highly recommend this place for kids and parents. Great fun.
We're crossing Route 102. Be careful.It is very busy.
We cross a small bridge. Underneath it - flows the Stróżka, which is a watercourse connecting the Błotnica River with the Parsęta River. The route turns right along with the fields. On the left, there is a concrete factory. We reach a place near the village of Bezpraw and cross the road 102. There is a board with information about routes and communes. We are on the Trail to the Sea (but we are going in the other direction).
We reach the embankment over the S6 expressway, and now we breathe in the fresh air of the Charzynski forest. There is a shelter nearby where you can rest and eat something. From this place, it is about 3 km to the church of st. Francis of Assisi.
In Charzyna, you have to turn right into Wojska Polskiego Street (if you go straight, we would continue the route to Gościn). On the left, there will be the church of st. Francis of Assisi.
Behind the church there is a small water reservoir. It's worth to walk there. It is a lovely place to grab a bite to eat and see beautiful water lilies and numerous dragonflies. After about 100 meters we will reach the playground.
Kołobrzeg route, Town Hall Square to Charzyno, the church of st. Francis is 11.8 km.


  1. What beautiful views on your biking trail!

    1. Wow! That looks like a very long ride to me!! But the woods are worth it. How lovely! #WWOAT

  2. I enjoyed that thanks for bringing us along on the tour :-)

    Have a bikingtastic safe week Klara 😷😷😷

  3. you have a marvelous biking excursion with a wonderful destination - I'm intrigued by the church

  4. Great scenery on you bike trip. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday.

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