Location: Plaża Centralna, Kołobrzeg, Polska

Toughest Firefighter Challenge

Toughest Firefighter Challenge took place on the Central Beach. Firefighters from all over Europe competed for two days. The first day, we watched individual tournament.
Zawody Toughest Firefighter Challenge odbyły się na Plaży Centralnej. Strażacy z całej Europy rywalizowali przez dwa dni. W pierwszy dzień oglądaliśmy turniej indywidualny.
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  1. Exciting to watch this firefighter challenge! Was someone you knew personally involved? My son in law started out like a firefighter, so I know they have to be able to carry/pus 85 pounds, because that is what the water in the hose weighs, and what made an impression on me is that they need to be able to crawl through very tiny spaces, without getting claustrophobic! Many thanks for sharing their daredevil skills with All Seasons - this is how lives are saved!! Have a lovely week:)

  2. It takes strong, determined, and brave men and women to be firefighters. I'm very grateful for them.