Location: Latarnia, Niechorze, Polska

Lighthouse in Niechorze

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'Historical background. The development of shipping and lack of proper navigation facilities between Kołobrzeg and Świnoujście directly influenced the decision to build a lighthouse near the village of Niechorze. The construction works initiated by the German Sea Ministry on 15 May 1863 were completed on 1 December 1866. During WWII the tower was seriously damaged while shelling and the whole structure was in danger as withdrawing Germans laid eight mines in order to blow it up. Fortunately, the mines were disarmed and by 18 December 1948, the damaged structure had been restored. Between 1999 and 2000 some major renovation was carried out. It included the tower and the adjacent buildings along with the walls.
Architecture. The 45-metre-high structure was erected on a high cliff. It is protected against sea waves by a concrete band which is 500 metres long. At the basis of the tower, there is a four-sided building along with some extensions. Over 35 metres above the ground tourists will find a viewing gallery, The structure is topped with a glass dome. Near the lighthouse, there are some dwelling-houses and utility buildings. Interesting is the number of steps leading to the top of the lighthouse. According to different sources, there are from 207 to 210 steps.
Technical specifications. The light of the lighthouse is seen from a distance of 20 nautical miles (37 km) thanks to a 1000-Watt-lightbulb amplified by a special prism system. The optical system consists of a changer with two bulbs, a rotating device and, so-called 'flasher' controlling the light. The height of the emitted light is 62,8 metres above sea level. Until WWII it was fueled by Colza oil (1500 kg per year).'

The Lighthouse in Niechorze is part of the Lighthouse Trail of the Polish Coast. Just like the lighthouse in Kołobrzeg and the lighthouse in Ustka.

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  1. I love lighthouses and this is a great one!

  2. I went to my very first lighthouse this summer. That's so cool that you got to go! I love the green shutters on the windows.

  3. ...this light house is much taller than the ones that I see here, it's a beauty. Thanks Klara for sharing, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

  4. Beautiful pics. Loved the post.

  5. Ile ja razy właziłam na tą jedną z najwyższych latarni- nie pamiętam. Ostatnio byłam tam ponad 30 lat temu. Jednak spędziłam w Pogorzelicy i Niechorzu każde wakacje w młodości. Wówczas lubiłam się opalać pod latarnią, bo tam było mniej ludzi.