Christmas Markets.

I know, that I haven't posted any Christmas photos yet. Almost everyone has already done it. The reason is simple. I haven't had time to take pictures of this year's Christmas decorations in my town, but I found the time to visit Christmas markets in Berlin! Remember the post about the hurricane Xavier in Europe? It was in 2013 and since that time I haven't been able to go to Berlin. There was always something else to do. But this time I've managed to go.
My blog is about Kolobrzeg, but I think no one will mind if I post some photos from Berlin :) Besides Berlin Pankow (one of the districts of Berlin) is a partner city for Kolobrzeg.
I went there by bus with my friends. We booked our tickets by Partner travel company. It was quite cheap,as it only cost 80 zl. (around 17euros) per person. One way ticket from Szczecin to Berlin costs 10 euros and you have to get to Szczecin from Kolobrzeg first, so the price was really good. It's worth mentioning that our guide was very nice and did tell us a lot of things about Berlin. Where to go shopping, what to avoid etc. He also told us about current events in Berlin. We were given a lot of information about the points of interest we were passing by, a little bit of history and what's happening in Berlin nowadays. There are many building sites in Berlin. Germans are rebuilding the Berlin Palace and it's gonna cost 105 mln euros. They are raising money for this purpose as 39 mln euros is still required. Also there is gonna be a new Polish embassy and another underground line.

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  1. I wish that Christmas markets were common here. Thanks for sharing these bright scenes of the season. I hope that you will return again!

  2. Według mnie to nawet są piękne :)

  3. Wonderful shots! I love Christmas markets :-)
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme, I look forward to seeing more of your entries in the weeks ahead.