Location: ulica Kamieńska 1C, 72-344 Rewal, Zachodniopomorskie, Polska

Park Wieloryba Rewal ************** The Whale Park Rewal

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We went to the Park Wieloryba (the Whale Park) in Rewal on May 15, which is the first day of opening, during the gradual lifting of restrictions. I was expecting more people, but that didn't bother us. Even better, because in the relax area we rested on the hammocks, but from the beginning... It is 47 km from Kołobrzeg to Rewal, so the journey didn't take long. At this time of the year, there are no traffic jams on the coastal routes, but even in high season, an early departure time will allow you to reach your destination quickly. 

The park is a place where there are models of sea animals, the most impressive of which is the model of the blue whale. Of course, it is the largest animals on Earth :0). The park has four zones, and they are: the Baltic Sea, Ocean Giants, Pirates and Parrots, and Monsters from the Deep. The fifth one is for relax. There were no animations that day (I think it was due to a long closure), but we got on a treasure hunt. Anyway, a large number of inflatables, a playground and feeding parrots made up for some lack of entertainment. For me, the coffee and hammock turned out to be soothing as usual... If you get hungry,  at the Pirate Tavern, you will also buy burgers and fries for a snack. 

From practical things: 

Children under 3 years old enter for free.

Normal ticket PLN 32.

People under 18, students, pensioners PLN 25.

Family ticket (2 + 1) PLN 82.

Family ticket (2 + 2) PLN 101.

Family ticket (2 + 3) PLN 120.

Group ticket PLN 19.


  1. Real lifelike sculptures. Very nicely made.I like it.

  2. Loved these how clever :-)

    Have a fishytastic week 👍

  3. What a fun and amazing place!

    Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!