Location: Themed Gardens Hortulus, Dobrzyca, Polska

Grand Hortulus Hotel

Rośliny potrzebują zapylenia. Aby było jak największe, trzeba zadbać o owady. W wielu ogrodach ludzie zakładają hotele dla owadów. Są to sztuczne hodowle zapewniające owadom możliwośc budowy gniazd, składanie jaj i schronienie. 
Plants need pollination. To make it as big as possible, you need to take care of insects. In many gardens, people set up insect hotels. These are artificial farms that enable insects to build nests, lay eggs and shelter.


  1. That was interesting I liked the photos too something new I have discovered :-)

    Have a eggtastic safe week 😷😷😷

  2. what a fancy hotel! love it. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love it! Well, wait... I love to look at your pictures. I couldn't do it because number one I'm allergic to bees, but what a grand idea... for your Grand Hotel! HAHAHA No seriously what ever gave you the idea to do such a thing? I've never seen this before much less heard of one. Fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving Day for you & yours! Be healthy, and be safe! God bless!

  4. Great idea, insect hotels. My grandson does the bees and other nature things so he'd probably love this idea. Happy week.

  5. So creative and unique - truly one-of-a-kind!~
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