Location: Kołobrzeskie Parki, Polska

3rd May

Yesterday we celebrated the anniversary of the constitution. The Poles established the constitution on May 3, 1791. It was the second constitution in the world after the United States and the first one in Europe.
We celebrated constitution with a family stroll.
Wczoraj świętowaliśmy rocznicę uchwalenia konstytucji. Polacy ustanowili konstytucję 3 maja 1791 roku. Była to druga po Stanach Zjednoczonych konstytucja na świecie i pierwsza w Europie.
Uczciliśmy konstytucję rodzinnym spacerem.
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  1. Your country has come a little bit longer in spring than here in Sweden (Stockholm area) But I really love to see all green again and the explosion of color all the flowers give us in this time.... ///Laila


  2. that was a wonderful walk through your posting !!! All the best!
    Greetings Elke