Location: Ulica Wyzwolenia, Dźwirzyno, Polska

Ścieżka zdrowia

The health trail in Dźwirzyno has 15 positions and has 1600 meters. They are located in a pine forest and are intended for adults and children from 14 years of age.
Ścieżka zdrowia w Dźwirzynie ma 15 stanowisk i liczy 1600 metrów. Położone są one w lasku sosnowym i przeznaczone są dla dorosłych i dzieci w wieku od 14 lat.
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  1. We get fined if we use the exercise equipement at the moment but the pine forest is all good! It's funny how our view is distorted now.

  2. A walk in the woods under blue skies is always enjoyable.

  3. We have similar health equipment in our beach-side park in Powell River. It is next to a trail along the shore but is clustered inside the park boundaries. - Margy