1. Simple but dramatic - lovely sky!

  2. Who do you love best, you enigmatic man, say your father, mother, sister or brother?
    - I have no father, no mother, no sister, no brother.
    - Your friends?
    -You are using a word whose meaning has remained unknown to me until now.
    - Your homeland?
    - I don't know under what latitude it is located.
    - Beauty?
    - I would love her, goddess and immortal.
    - The gold?
    - I hate him as much as you hate God.
    - What do you love, you extraordinary stranger?
    - I like clouds... the passing clouds... there... there... there... the wonderful clouds!

    Baudelaire (petits poèmes en prose)

  3. Very nice minimalistic thing going on there! Lovely photo, so moody.