1. ...lovely stonework and beautiful sunshine.

  2. Hello Klara, Beautiful captures of this monastery. Is it still in use? Especially hte one with the tower, and a cypress on each side, and the stairs to the cross at the end. Hope next week the Linkytool list will be restored, but if not, please leave your permalink in a comment, so people know which post to visit. Since I have a wordpress blog, to do this for memes/challenges is more common than at blogspot, and it is OKAY, it gives me no trouble!
    Thank you so much, Appreciate your weekly visit to All Seasons.
    The permalink should be "somewhere" on your post when in edit mode (but I don't know where it appears on blogspot, so I left you an example of the permalink for this post).
    The perma link below: when you make it all one word
    no spaces in between
    and without all the brackets. Also the "dot" is like the period at the end of a sentence. kolobrzegcountyphoto (dot) blogspot (dot) com (/)2019 (/) 06 (/) grecja (-) rodos (-) filerimos (filermos is the end. Nothing after that).
    Have an adventurous week:)

  3. The second one stands out to me in particular.