Throwback Thursday No.2

So, we had a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for a new stadium on Tuesday: 
Let me show you the old one then.
It belongs to the Nicolaus Copernicus Secondary School, which had its 70th anniversary last year. It was the very first secondary school in Kolobrzeg. It was established in 1945, but its main activity was moved in 1947 to the building which you can see in the photos.
The building was erected in 1932, before the WWII. It was a gymnasium at first, then a USSR hospital. 
But enough about the school. Let's see the old stadium. Pictures were taken on September 2016. As you can see it's really muddy and tracks are covered by grass. A long time ago, when I used to train athletics, surface wasn't good, but it wasn't that bad either. After so many years of empty promises – eventually, the necessary funds were obtained by the local and central govs. So, thank you and we are waiting for the opening ceremony in May 2018.

 Long and triple jump track:
 Discus and hammer throwing area:
 Shot put throwing area:

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