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Trinity College

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The very entrance to Trinity College has an interesting history. There is a statue of Henry VIII here, under which there is an escutcheon held by two lions. The coat of arms does not belong to Henry VIII, however, but to Edward III, who is mentioned below: Eduardus Tertius Founder of Aule Regis. MCCCXXXVII (English: Edward the Third founder of the Royal Hall. 1337). Edward III issued a formal act to establish a college in 1337, while his father Edward II founded the college in 1317.

In the nineteenth century, students exchanged the scepter in Henry VIII's right hand for a table leg. It stayed that way until 1983, when the student Lance Anisfeld replaced it for a bicycle pump. College officials removed the pump and a new table leg was inserted into Henry VIII's hand. The original leg was auctioned off in 1985 among members of the Cambridge Union Society.
Isaac Newton had his garden to the right of the gate in the 17th century. In 1954, scientists grew an apple tree from the seed of an apple tree growing near his family home and planted it here.
We already know why it was a bicycle pump ...
It would be good to go back there and see Trinity from the inside.
Trinity College has raised 34 Nobel Prize winners and 6 UK prime ministers. Many well-known physicists, mathematicians, historians and philosophers have also conducted research here. The scientists also included spies who passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and the Cold War. It was a spy network known as the Cambridge Five.

Trinity College is a great place to visit. I'll be back there one day.

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  1. Ah yes - my old university! Lovely shots.

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    What a lovely old building it exudes history.