Kołobrzeg. Jak dojechać do dębów Bolesław i Warcisław?

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When we decided to see old oaks, I checked the internet first. Some of the people found them without any problem, some of them complained about the lack of signs.
Everything seemed easy. We were going to ride on the promenade, then I was sure there would be some signs leading to the oaks. The last sign is nearby Brzeska St in Podczele and it leads towards Sianożęty and we reached that village. We asked locals because according to the map we passed the oaks a long time ago. It turned out it's not any easier because the route leads through a private area. It isn't fenced, but still, we didn't dare. We came back to Podczele and from there we went on state road no.11, just like Mr Google says. I do not recommend it! It's very busy and the moment when Mr Google told us to turn right, there was a road barrier between the road and train tracks. Long story short, we met a nice gentleman (tourist - biker) in the forest and he showed us a better way to come back. In exchange, we showed him the path to Bolesław, because it's not easy to find him in the forest. This day we didn't go to Warcisław. We've had enough for that day.
We went there a few days later and this way turned out much more apt and easier, although from the promenade to the forest it's not marked. From the beginning:
we ride on the promenade to Ekopark Wschodni (it's part of the route 'Ride the Baltic R-10') towards the old airport Bagicz. The distance between Bikers' counter and Arka Medical Spa hotel to the airport: 3,8 km.
On the left side there is the viewpoint. It's worth to go there and look at the airport.
We turn right to the airport and move in the main lane, then turn left to the other, go straight, having the Podczele housing estate and the TV tower on the right.
to the end, then turn left and see private flights and terminal Bagicz.
we turn right, the road is now like a narrow road, lined with large concrete slabs. Straight. At the intersection to the right (there is a private area straight ahead). Straight ahead. After about 300 metres, we will see on the right an old Evangelical cemetery.
There are buildings on the left. We go straight to the road. And it is the national 11, which we avoid thanks to the airport crossing. We pass the Bagicz bus stop on the left, cross the road.

Straight ahead we have a barrier and railroad tracks.
 On the left, the building of the old Bagicz station.
You can also get to this place by car (from Kolobrzeg, along Koszalinska St and national 11), leave it here and go on foot. We cross the barrier and tracks, go along a dirt road and reach the forest. From here, according to the instructions (tips) Bolesław the oak is well-marked. We go straight ahead till the hint says to turn right. In the forest, we look for the blue trail on the trees. The path is so well-trodden that we reach Boleslaw without any problem.

From Boleslaw to Warcislaw, according to the hint and the blue trail, we walk through a narrow path  (around 400metres ). We reach the forest road and turn right, about 400 metres away we are at the intersection and following the directions we turn left.
On the left side, you have a chance to take pictures at 'Fotopstryk'.
We're speeding up the hill :) (it's Krzywa Góra 35 metres ASL); 800 metres from the intersection, we come across the signs and turn left. It turns out that it is also part of the trail of Saint Jacob.
Another 1km and we turn right.
It's easy now :) after 150 metres we reach Warcisław the oak.

On the way back, after reaching the intersection of fire roads after the 'Fotopstryk', turn right and continue until the intersection of the next fire roads, turn left and you will reach the end of the forest, dirt road and the old Bagicz station. From here already you know how to return to Kolobrzeg.

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  1. My head is spinning reading the directions. I'm glad you found where you wanted to go. :-)

  2. That was quite a trip!

    The cemetery is particularly serene.

  3. ...I like the old Bagicz station, the red tile roof is nice. 'Fotopstryk' is popular here too! Thanks Klara for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  4. I enjoyed the photos, what a trip hehe!

    Have a triptastic week :-)

  5. Cool adventure! How neat the sign has cut outs for kids to stick their heads through. So glad you found the oak!

  6. What a wonderful virtual tour, Klara!
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

  7. wiele pomysłów postaram sie wykorzystać dziękuje :)

  8. What a nice trip, Klara. Love the photos. So nice to an other part of our globe.

  9. That's quite an adventure you had but glad you got there in the end.
    dropping by from Our World Tuesday linkup.