E for End of summer

You can just feel  theend of the summer here by the sea or rather a beginning of an autumn. Silence. You can only hear the sound of the sea and birds. Only a few tourists walking an the beach in warm coats. It was quite cold but very nice that day . It’s just this kind of the day, when you enjoy a stroll, but the best part of it is that you come back home and drink hot chocolate tucked in a blanket.
Or you can choose small coffee shop by the sea and still be happy about fresh air. Chocolate and blanket still apply.
I hope this year summer hasn't finished yet. It's still warm and these pictures were taken in September 2015.
Można poczuć koniec lata nad morzem a raczej już początek jesieni. Cisza. Tylko dźwięk morza i ptaków. Tylko kilku utrystów przechadzających się brzegiem w ciepłych płaszczach. Było całkiem Zimno tego dnia, ale bardzo miło. To taki rodzaj dni, kiedy cieszysz sięspacerem, ale najlepsze z noego jest to, że możesz wrócić do domu, wypić gorącą czekoladę zawinięty w koc.
Albo mozesz wybrać małą kawiarnię tuż nad morzem i wciąż cieszyć sięświeżym powietrzem., Czekolada i koc wciąż znajdą zastosowanie.
Mam nadzieję, że to lato jeszcze się nie skończyło, a ów zdjęcia zostały zrobione we wrześniu 2015 r.
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  1. ...summer is quickly coming to an end here too, but fall is a wonderful time of year.

  2. Still two month left of Summer in my neck of the woods. September is a Summer month if you ask the meteorologist in Sweden.

  3. That first one has such a lonely feel to it.

  4. For me it can not come soon enough ;-) I always welcome the autumn, my favourite season

    Wonderful photo's !!

    Have a ♥-warming AbC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

  5. Lovely end of summer photos ~ I too can feel and see a touch of autumn in New England yet still more warm days to come ~ Great post and photos for E

  6. Really? Wait for me...I'm coming. We're in the middle of summer here. We might turn off the air conditioning for a day or two in mid to late October. I get so tired of summer and being inside. I'd love to take a stroll outside and come home to hot chocolate.

  7. Looks like a very lovely place to visit.

  8. Summer doesn't seem to end here though!
    Lovely setting.
    Happy ABCW!

  9. Wonderful images. I love long walks on quiet beaches like this one.

  10. Lovely stroll at the shore, Klara! Summer has certain beauty (excepting the annoying heat and humidity) ;), but starting with september I can enjoy the weather much better than now. Your collection of aspects is lovely, especially the lonely swan. I miss to see the sea as it is pictured in your post.
    A nice day and weekend, too!

  11. NOOO!!! I need more summer!


  12. Great photos. I like that kind of day on the beach, drinking something warm as I watch the sea.

  13. Summer has been much too hot here this year, complicated by the smoke drifting everywhere from the wild fires burning out of control here in British Columbia.

    abcw team