War Memorial

'The War Memorial in the harbour of Symi town consists of a monument 'the Dove of Peace' in front of a bas-relief sculpture of a Trireme.' May 2014.
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InSPIREd Sunday_20190428

Church of Agiou Athanasiou. Symi Town, Symi, Greece, May 2014.
Kościół pw. św. Atanazego Wielkiego. Miasto Symi, Symi, Grecja, maj 2014 roku.
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Sandy Sunset

Massive clouds of sand have been coming to Europe from Sahara since yesterday. What a weather phenomenon. In October 2017 hurricane Ophelia brought sand from this desert to Europe.
I tried to photograph sunset with sandy fog yesterday. I wasn't lucky, because the clouds were low and the final sunset couldn't have been seen. We also had pleasant wind. We don't usually experience so warm winds by the Baltic Sea. And definitely not this time of the year.
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